Matins d.o.o. - Who are we?

Many public services pay a great deal of attention to what kind of service they received after their vehicles or special security equipment were delivered (light-sound signaling, radars, video systems, various detection devices, etc.).

Construction of new vehicles technological has become more demanding, therefor it is important to have quality choice of associates who take care to ensure quality product offerings and perfect technical implementation. Our customers receive the most quality equipment, service and ongoing technical support while streamlining costs.


A large amount of work is needed to make one mobile unit ready for delivery, and this is where post-sales play a big role.

Vehicle distributors are often preoccupied with maintaining the fleet of vehicles on a regular basis and are therefore not able to devote sufficient time to providing expert monitoring of all fleets from the technical and service side, especially when it comes to special fleets and vehicles with special upgrades. Therefor outsourcing is a logical choice.




Matins d.o.o. is a company operating since 2006. year. It was created on the basis of special vehicle upgrades (for police, public and volunteer firefighters, ambulance and similar emergency services), and thanks to the quality of the services provided, it continues to operate successfully.

Given the specific nature of the company’s activities in the near future, the intention is to cover Central and Eastern Europe with its services, products and knowledge.


Why choose Matins as a partner

  1. We are a supplier that has provided its services and continues to provide them to other agencies in the country and region, and we are familiar with the whole process and know what it takes to get the job done.

  2. Suppliers need to know the manufacturer’s standards and, while adjusting to the information, should help the end user select the right products to avoid further unnecessary costs.

  3. This condition does not often seem important to you, but you should be aware that distributors as a rule only insure standard vehicles and that damage to equipment during installation or transport is not covered by standard insurance policies.

  4. NOTES – We keep notes of equipment as well as necessary information about the technician who fitted the vehicle. This greatly facilitates the follow-up of irregularities while also motivating the technician himself to do his job properly.

  5. Information protection and vehicle details come first. All documentation and other information about vehicles, equipment and the user are stored in the vault and are subject to the confidentiality agreement and are in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  6. Due to the type of work we do, our references are not publicly available, but we can provide them upon request. References are important because they answer questions like “Are they able to get the job done on time? Can they do a good quality job? “

  7. Collaboration with manufacturers. We regularly cooperate with vehicle manufacturers, but also with other special vehicle upgrades companies in Europe and the world. Their engineers regularly inform and educate our technicians to perform the work we do for our clients flawlessly and at the highest possible level.

  8. If necessary we use the services of subcontractors and this is mainly our market competition. The list is available upon request. Our clients are important to us and therefore put them ahead of the market.

  9. If the seller also represents the manufacturer of the equipment, this can be very useful, primarily because the manufacturers regularly train their technicians with detailed procedures for the installation and maintenance of the equipment. Many offer a variety of manufacturers and are often not the official representative of a particular manufacturer, which often affects the price of the product but also the quality itself.

  10. We do electrical vehicle wiring plans for all the vehicles we have upgraded, which benefits us in future upgrades, and to help us upgrade our vehicle more easily and/or detect a malfunction should it occur.

  11. Expenses. This item often influences the selection, but should not be crucial. We suggest checking all the deals that are cheaper and offer faster service through the first 10 points. Some have taken their jobs to the edge of science, so our experience can save you money and valuable time!